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Passionate, creative and dedicated

From the planning stage to set-up and take-down, we take care of every aspect of your event. CR Event Design offers you the best services available to create and deliver truly memorable and unique events at any location in Costa Rica. With over 25 years of experience in special events, we know how to turn ordinary ideas into extraordinary experiences resulting in over the top decorations.

Specializing in decorations for evening functions,  creative luncheons at unexpected locations and venues, our team will deliver customized solutions to ensure your corporate or private event is an enormous success.

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Accountable: the Secret of our success

Nowadays it is uncommon to have the same experts involved in both the planning and the coordination phases of a function. But not so at CR Event Design, where we are hands-on and personally deliver what we have committed to. We create a team with you and will be there from the beginning until the very end.

Our Purpose

Create and deliver unforgettable experiences that move hearts, minds and businesses forward, exceed attendees’ expectations and make you look good.

Executive Team

Audrey Wong

With over 25 years of experience creating innovative decorations, I can bring any venue or location to life. I love to translate original ideas into tangible creations, whether developing a unique theme for a party or coming up with an affordable decorating solution that meets a specific budget. Creativity and a profound understanding of your needs is the secret to us planning your event to the highest standards.

Miranda Louis

During the more than 15 years that I have worked in tourism I have obtained ample experience in many different areas including at a DMC, ziplining tour, tour operator and as a hotel manager. Strict organization, effective communication, dedicated customer service and a personable nature are some of the qualities that I bring to the table. I firmly believe that the sky is the limit, and with our expertise and excellent relationships with local vendors we can assist you in delivering the WOW factor in your next function. In this site you will find many examples of our events, including several during the time a collaborated with Premio DMC. 


Event Design Cares

Social Responsibility & Sustainability

CR Event Design believes we all have a responsibility to positively impact the communities we work in. Furthermore, the good will that is created has tangible business advantages for our clients. Working closely with you, we design events that benefit local entrepreneurs, strengthen communities, protect the environment, and create opportunity. In other words, a win-win scenario for all.

No plants or flowers are extracted from the forest for our event decorations. CR Event Design has its own large plant collection for decorations like the Rain- or Cloud Forest and the Coffee Plantation in which foremost potted plants are used. Our decorations are made up from native specimens that are carefully kept well tended at our green houses.