Taste of Costa Rica

Colorful get-together of our traditions and living culture. A variety of elements are incorporated into this theme, like masquerades and legends, the famous oxcarts, delicate orchids, branches with coffee berries, and many local items reflecting Guanacastes Sabanero culture and daily living like corn, pilones, jícaros, cajuelas, ropes, hay bales, achiote, tin cups, iron pots and much more.

Rainforest immersion

Walking into the 100 yards long marquee was like getting immerged into Costa Rica’s lush jungle. A tunnel at the entrance to the marquee, filled with low fog, raised expectations. The sounds and smells of the jungle enhanced the experience as guests were greeted by jaguar and butterfly body paint models. Seats where elaborately decorated with exotic flowers and foliage making each guest feel special. Linens and chargers matched the theme while the centerpiece showcased some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful orchids and heliconia’s.

The Flower Market

Surprise your guests with a colorful flower market during their welcome function. This large display does not only include flowers but also exotic fruits and seeds of the dry forest. Bilingual hosts will guide attendees thru the market so they can pick the flowers, and other elements of their likening and learn about them. Professional florist will then create a flower arrangment with the elements choosen that attendees will enjoy in their rooms during the the rest of their stay at the resort.

Elegant award dinner

Whether Under the Stars or an Elegant Rainforest theme, winners deserve that extra special treatment thru attractive decorations at their award dinner. Nowadays a wide range of rental table linens, chair covers, napkins, charger plates, soft seating and different types of wooden or glass tables are readily available. All of this with unique floral designs will result into an evening not easy to forget.

The Coffee Plantation

Recreation of an authentic coffee plantation including over one hundred coffee bushes, fruit – and shade trees. Additional decoration includes among others: cajuelas, burlap bags, a real oxcart, 3 exhibition panels on the history, cultivation, regions and coffee processing and a glass top display with tokens and stamps. Why not include a roasting machine and a coffee related gift market?

Boruca Rain Forest

Indigenous Costa Ricans belong to 8 major ethnic groups. One of these tribes are the Boruca people living in the rain forest in the south of Costa Rica. Every year the Boruca celebrate with their Dance of the Devils their resistance to Spanish colonization. During the festivities they depict the Spaniards being chased off by their warriors wearing colorful Diablo masks. These ecological masks incorporate both the traditional designs and more artistic representations of the ecology of the Boruca. They are popular among many persons for their beauty and symbolism of a native in harmony with nature. Some masks have the face of a warrior protecting the jungle, others have the face of a tribe member representing the connection between the people and the forest.

The 70’s Party

What is more fun than a disco-themed 70s party? With great lighting, fun music, outrageous costumes, and retro decorations, this themed party is a total blast for all your guests! Tonights event took place at a funky beachfront restaurant where they found this amazing set up and got to party all night! Spectacular fireworks marked the end of the evening.